Daylight Savings Petition

The daylight saving time was first proposed in 1895 where it was first adopted in a country in Europe during the First World War, and then it was imposed during the Second World War where it was adopted and was named the Hitler time.Read more about Daylight Saving at  . It was then later spread throughout Europe in 1916 where it was a form to save energy and this is something that is not useful in the modern society. The day light petition is aimed at ending this archaic belief and get back to the way of not saving time. There are some countries in Europe did not adopt the time saving mechanism.
Over time most of the Europeans countries had abandoned the daylight saving because it reminds them of the days when they were attacked by foreigners.  The daylight saving time was instilled with the aim of reducing the lighting needs of a particular country. This was made possible by having the operating hours of the industries to be at daylight whereby they were going to save the lighting and make the maximum use if the natural light and minimum use of the artificial lighting. The argument is that artificial lighting uses a lot of the energy that would have been saved for some other purposes.
There are different effects the daylight saving time. Read more about Daylight Saving at   . Some of these effects include the fact that most of the people who live in these times do not have enough ability where they are going to produce enough vitamin D for their body. This, in turn, affects their mental wellbeing and also the psychological wellbeing. It also changes the regular sleeping pattern which is known as the Seasonal Adjustment Disorder which is due to the lack of daylight which is necessary to a maintain balanced health.
The Daylight saving time has been linked to depression. The lack of enough time where you are exposed to the sun will cause a person to be more prone to depression. The clock shift has also been linked to lack of adaptation to the circadian rhythm which is very severe and can even last for an extended period. The clock shits are also to disrupt travel, meetings, billing and also record keeping. Medical devices are also not left being in this. There are software programs which are used to program this but this not possible to do when it completely errors free. This why there is a petition to get it removed.Learn more from