Daylight Savings Petition to Help Fight Seasonality  

When you feel fed up observing the practice of daylight savings, you might want to join the growing bandwagon of petitioners online who are signing the daylight savings petition.Read more about Daylight Saving at  daylight savings time history   . More and more people have come out in large numbers to sign daylight savings petition because of the negative effects daylight savings have on people. You want to end daylight savings time because the seasonal changes where the days get shorter than the nights can leave you feeling unmotivated to wake up, or can slow you down. 
Seasonality effects of daylight savings include loss of energy and general body fatigue, depression, lack of sexual drive, irritability and anxiety, difficulty in concentration, abnormal craving for starches and sugary foods, overeating, and difficulty in processing even the simplest of information. These symptoms have been attributed to the changes in the daylight savings pattern, a condition now recognized by medical professionals as SAD - seasonal affective disorder. Doctors diagnose these symptoms as SAD should they occur regularly during the winter and fall months.
It is estimated at 6% of people in the US are suffering from SAD and a much larger population in other parts of the world. It is important to note that SAD is not SDD - Seasonal depression diagnosis. Read more about Daylight Saving at    End Daylight Saving Time  .SAD is a condition characterized by depressive disorders and often associated with slight variations. SAD is also referred to as winter blues when it is in its less severe state. Winter blues can leave you feeling less creative, less cheerful, and less productive and worst of all less energetic. 
Young people are most vulnerable to this condition, and so are women, but it can affect anyone based on their health status in a given period. You are also more prone to the condition if you come from a family that has people already diagnosed. The condition tends to start at the age of 20 and would significantly reduce by the time one hits 50 years of age. This justifies the huge popularity of online daylight savings petition to end the daylight settings. In addition to seeking medical help, there are other ways one can counter the effects of SAD.  
Stress and light deprivation is commonly associated with the onset of the condition; hence people are advised to avoid any stressful situations that may lead to the same. Having said that, you can always counter the effects of daylight savings by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly to release the "feel good hormones".Learn more from